100+ million people.  One hospice. 
Hospice Ethiopia.

Ethiopia has an estimated population of 107 million.  But only one hospice.  Many thousands of people there have incurable diseases.  They are dying.  They are dying in distress, often in pain, with nowhere to turn.  Their only hope is Hospice Ethiopia.

Hospice Ethiopia provides free drugs, so that the dying have relief from pain.  It provides medical attention to alleviate the worst symptoms.  It gives support, so that patients can care for themselves and, in many cases, their children.  The care it gives is home-based: Hospice Ethiopia no longer has the funds for ward patients.

But what’s really, really important is that Hospice Ethiopia is training doctors, nurses and other medics about palliative care – care for the dying – so that they can bring relief to the thousands more who need it, across Ethiopia.

Hospice Ethiopia UK promotes the provision of palliative care in order to relieve the suffering of the terminally ill in Ethiopia by providing financial, educational and practical support to Hospice Ethiopia in Addis Ababa. We perform fundraising activities, training and specialist support from the United Kingdom.

Help us to help them.

Further Information

Governance documents for Hospice Ethiopia UK are available for you to view online at the links below.