These patients have agreed to share their stories with you. For their privacy, we’ve changed their names.

Neela’s Story

Neela is 60 and has been a widow for many years. She lives alone and has 3 surviving adult sons, however her only daughter pre-deceased her. Her neighbours care for her. She has longstanding diabetes and developed low abdominal pain 5 years ago. She was diagnosed with cervical cancer and treated with radiotherapy at theContinue reading Neela’s Story

Makda’s story

Makda is 40 and has breast cancer (the most common cancer in Ethiopia). Following her diagnosis, she received surgery followed by chemotherapy. However, the chemotherapy had to be discontinued as government funding for the Taxol was stopped. To control her pain she was prescribed tramadol and amitriptyline until tramadol also became unavailable for a while.Continue reading Makda’s story

Negasi’s Story

Negasi* was a 55-year old man living in a rented house with his wife and 7 year old daughter. He was referred by the Black Lion Hospital to Hospice Ethiopia with a diagnosis of nasopharyngeal (back of the nose and throat) cancer. On the nurse’s first visit to Negasi, he was bed bound and inContinue reading Negasi’s Story

aisha’s story

Aisha* was a 40-year-old woman recently diagnosed with breast cancer. She was divorced and lived with her son and daughter. Her illness progressed rapidly and she developed a fungating breast wound. She refused all treatments for her cancer and preferred to use holy water. Aisha used to work as a prostitute but could no longerContinue reading aisha’s story


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