The Wolterton Hall Glitterati Ball

We are excited to announce that Wolterton Hall will open its doors this summer for a sparkling event called The Glitterati Ball. The Ball is on Saturday, June 11th and takes place in the main state rooms of the Hall, including the Venetian Room, the Saloon and the Portrait Room. A dazzling selection of entertainments is promised and guests will be treated to a champagne reception and a three course buffet dinner – all for just £65.

The Glitterati Ball is being held at Wolterton Hall by kind permission of owners Peter Sheppard and Keith Day. Rt Hon Sir Norman Lamb is the patron of the event.

		Glitterati Ball at Wolterton Hall image
Photograph courtesy Christopher Horwood

The evening will begin at 7.30pm with a glass or two of champagne or cordial. The entertainments include live music, with both a classical recital and a dance band, along with an auction of promises, a raffle, a photo booth and a wine bar. There’s also the chance for visitors to see some of the fascinating reconstruction work that Peter and Keith are undertaking in the building and grounds of this magnificent country mansion, once the home of the Walpole family.

“Glitter is the name of the game and we hope people will dress to impress,” says Sue Mumford, chair of Hospice Ethiopia UK. “The most sparkling outfit will win the wearer a bottle of bubbly!

Makda’s story

Makda is 40 and has breast cancer (the most common cancer in Ethiopia). Following her diagnosis, she received surgery followed by chemotherapy. However, the chemotherapy had to be discontinued as government funding for the Taxol was stopped. To control her pain she was prescribed tramadol and amitriptyline until tramadol also became unavailable for a while.

She is married with 2 adult daughters, living in their own home. Over the 2 weeks prior to our visit her husband and children had aggressively and abusively abandoned her. They had moved out but had returned the previous day and threatened to kill her to obtain the house for themselves. Previously they had also visited and broken the glass in the front door & tried to damage the “utilities”. Although Makda had called the police to report this there had been no response yet. She remained in a high state of distress and anxiety having being told by them that she was ‘worthless and dying’, and she felt she had been ‘thrown away’. Her only carer is her 8 year old niece living with her; the nurses from Hospice Ethiopia are visiting her twice a week and providing medicines, psychological care and the Comfort Fund as she now has no income. She has a strong religious faith and a moving prayer was said by Ephrem which she valued.

Hospice Ethiopia UK Article in the New Scientist

We’re pleased to announce that Hospice Ethiopia appears in the latest issue of the prestigious New Scientist journal – issue 3379. The article unfortunately can’t be viewed online but subscribers will be able to view it in their print copy on page 29. We hope that this will spread the word about HEUK to a wide range of people both here in the UK and overseas. The article was included under the “advertise your charity” initiative.

Notice of AGM April 2022

Hospice Ethiopia UK’s AGM will take place on

Tuesday 12th April 2022 at 6.30 pm via Zoom

All supporters welcome.

Do join us via the Zoom link below to hear what we’ve been doing over the last year. It will include a short video from Ephrem, the Director of Hospice Ethiopia, describing how our money is put to good use caring for the dying in Ethiopia. He will be joining our meeting to answer your questions too. To read the Annual Report for 2021 please click here. Last year’s AGM minutes, this year’s agenda, and the financial statement can be viewed here. All welcome!

Meeting ID: 815 7819 9994

Passcode: 798672

Negasi’s Story

Negasi* was a 55-year old man living in a rented house with his wife and 7 year old daughter. He was referred by the Black Lion Hospital to Hospice Ethiopia with a diagnosis of nasopharyngeal (back of the nose and throat) cancer. On the nurse’s first visit to Negasi, he was bed bound and in severe pain causing poor sleep; he was also unable to swallow due to the mass, and had a huge swollen wound on his face causing gross disfigurement with accompanying odour. He was unable to work resulting in serious socioeconomic problems. and his wife was unemployed.

The nurse from Hospice Ethiopia arranged for him to receive morphine and other medications for his pain. The team gave him nursing care for example mouth care and wound care, and provided medical supplies, and taught his wife how to care for him. In addition, the team provided him with food support and emotional support.

After this care was put in place, he was able to sleep with his pain and other symptoms controlled. The food support helped to relieve their immediate basic needs. As Negasi approached the end of his life, the input from the team increased providing additional support for his wife as she struggled to cope with her husband’s deterioration and care for their daughter. Negasi died three months after the Hospice Ethiopia team became involved in his care. The nurses are providing ongoing bereavement support for the family.

*Not his real name.

Negasi in his bed at home, free from pain and able to swallow small amounts of liquid again

Update on the Big Give 2021

Very many thanks to all our supporters who donated to this year’s Big Give Christmas challenge. We are delighted that with your generous donations we reached our target of £9,000 and with Gift Aid our final total will be over £10,000. The money will be used to train health care professionals at St Paul’s Hospital Oncology and Emergency Departments where palliative care is desperately needed. 50 key personnel will be trained with follow up mentoring at this large teaching hospital. If this project is successful it will be repeated in other public hospitals thereby improving palliative care across Ethiopia. Thank you so much!

The photograph shows doctors at The Black Lion Hospital being taught clinical skills in palliative care.

Get ready for Christmas 2021!

We have 2 beautiful designs for Christmas cards for 2021. First, a new design with mistletoe and second, some more of the hugely popular wren design from last year. Both designs are exclusive to Hospice Ethiopia by linocut printmaker Alice Roberts. Cards in packs of 10 remain priced at £4 per pack and are available from Marion (, Sue ( or the pop up Christmas card shop at St Peter Mancroft church, Norwich (from 19/10/21).

We also have 2022 calendars for sale. Each month has a stunning photograph of Ethiopian landscapes, animals or people. These are only available from Hospice Ethiopia UK, priced at £10 + P&P. Please contact Sue (

The Big Give 2021

Many of you have generously made donations in the past that have helped provide crucial care for patients. We’re very excited to let you know that Hospice Ethiopia UK has been selected again this year to participate in the Big Give Christmas Challenge 2021, the UK’s largest match funding campaign.

We will be raising money specifically to pay for the development of the palliative care service at one of the largest public hospitals in Ethiopia. The project will target St Paul’s Hospital Oncology and Emergency Departments where palliative care is desperately needed. 50 key personnel will be trained at this large teaching hospital. This follows on from the successful development of an Ethiopian standardised palliative care training course in 2020, developed jointly by HE with the Federal Ministry Of Health (Big Give 2020 project).

If successful it is hoped this project will be repeated in other public hospitals thereby improving palliative care across Ethiopia.

Donations to this project will be matched for 7 days, from 12pm on Tuesday 30th November.  So, every pound donated during that period means two pounds for Hospice Ethiopia.

How do I donate?

If you would like to support our work this year, we highly recommend doing so during the Christmas Challenge when your donation will make even more of a difference to Hospice Ethiopia.

After 12 noon on the 30th November, please visit our page at the and follow the instructions. Please note that donations made via other means will not be matched, so it’s really important to go through the ‘big give’ website.
If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at

Finally, please pass on this message to anyone who you think might be interested in supporting us and having their donation doubled.