All donations, whether one off or regular are very gratefully received. However, regular gifts are particularly important to us and are really simple to set up. Knowing that we have a guaranteed income each month helps us and Hospice Ethiopia to plan ahead.

What can Hospice Ethiopia achieve with your donation?

Setting up a regular monthly donation is the most sustainable way to help Hospice Ethiopia to help thousands of desperate people. Even a small regular donation can achieve so much …


pays for a bereavement support package to help a family cope with their loss


per month pays for the ‘Comfort Fund’ for one patient and their family


per month pays the telephone bill for all Hospice Ethiopia’s staff mobiles


pays for food & other supportive care for a patient for a month


pays for outpatient care for a patient for a month


pays for a senior nurse’s salary for a month

Donate with PayPal

Donating online with PayPal is safe and convenient. You can choose to make a single one-off payment, or to set-up a regular recurring payment. Your card details are never shared with Hospice Ethiopia UK. Donate by visiting our hosted PayPal donation page.

Setting up a Standing Order

Standing Orders are the most effective way for you to support Hospice Ethiopia UK because we don’t have to pay any additional fees to PayPal. Setting up a regular gift is easy and can be set up at an amount and frequency that suits you.

  • Regular gifts can be set up for any amount from £2 per month.
  • Your gifts can be given monthly, quarterly, bi-annually or annually. If you decide to give your donations by a regular direct debit then you will need to give Hospice Ethiopia UK’s bank details to your bank. Please telephone our Treasurer, Marion Bryce (01953607501) for further details or complete a standing order form (and Gift Aid form if relevant) which can be downloaded below:

Standing order form

Gift Aid form (if you wish to find out more about Gift Aid, please see the UK Government website)

If you’d like to lend your support to us in other ways, please contact us via our facebook page or contact form.

Thank you to all our donors, especially those who give anonymously who we are unable to thank individually.