Norfolk town parties for Ethiopia

Aylsham Town Hall to host charity fundraiser for Hospice Ethiopia

A Norfolk town is getting ready to party in aid of a charity in Ethiopia. On Saturday July 14 Aylsham Town Hall will host an all-ticket party to raise much needed funds for Hospice Ethiopia. The event includes a buffet dinner, with many ingredients donated by local farmers and suppliers, as well as dancing to a live rock band and a classical musicale by the North Norfolk Ensemble.

Sue Mumford, a specialist nurse at Priscilla Bacon Lodge, is chair of Hospice Ethiopia UK. Last year the Norfolk-based charity raised over £30,000 for Hospice Ethiopia, while the Norwich Diocese’s Lent Appeal raised over £40,000 to finance a new vehicle to help deliver aid in Addis Ababa. How did Norfolk become so involved in a charity based thousands of miles away?

“Originally it was about Priscilla Bacon Lodge sending out specialists to train Hospice Ethiopia’s staff in palliative care (care of the dying)” says Sue.  “It became clear that the charity desperately needed funding.  It gets no money from the Ethiopian government and grants from other charities were getting increasingly harder to source. Hospice Ethiopia is bringing hope to hundreds of desperate people. But even more important, is has become a centre of excellence in Ethiopia and trains hundreds of people to deliver care – so it’s work is reaching thousands.

“It only needs about £70,000 a year so survive – so every penny we can raise makes a real difference.  But with more funds they can achieve more. For example, the vehicle funded by the Lent Appeal will allow Hospice Ethiopia to care for many more patients in their own homes.”

Events like the Aylsham Party are a vital part of Hospice Ethiopia UK’s fund raising. “It will be a super night, with a fabulous buffet meal, a bar, and lots of entertainment, including a great live band, the Gentleman Gits, who are sure to get everyone up on the dance floor,” says Sue.  “The fact that so many local people help us with donations of food and services is a huge bonus – it means we can keep ticket prices low, attract lots of people and make as much money for Hospice Ethiopia as possible.”

Tickets for the Aylsham Party are just £20, or £15 if bought before June 1. For information contact Clare Glenn on 01263 734853, email or visit  Tickets are also available from Barnwells in Aylsham market Square.

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