Hospice Ethiopia Report, Autumn 2017


This report details the clinical visits made, meetings held, and teaching carried out during the visit to Addis Ababa. These were conducted on behalf of Hospice Ethiopia UK (HE UK), a UK registered charity.

The visit was planned and carried out by Sue Mumford (SM; Community Specialist Palliative Care Nurse and Chair of Hospice Ethiopia UK) and Dr James Mumford (JM; General Practitioner and & Trustee of HE UK) who funded themselves. The overall aims of the trip were accomplished.

Aims of visit

  • To provide ongoing support to Hospice Ethiopia (HE).
  • To provide supplies of equipment difficult to source in Ethiopia e.g. colostomy bags, urinary catheters, some medications etc.
  • To review the last quarter’s report (July-September 2017).
  • To review and understand the budget plan for 2017.
  • To speak with Nurse Yohanna who we met in March 2017 and has started work at Hospice Ethiopia since our last visit.
  • To join in Home Care visits.
  • To see Outpatient and Day Care in action.
  • To teach a 3 morning palliative care course to Nurses working at Strong Hearts Ethiopia and Cancer Care Ethiopia.
  • To meet with Health Care Professionals with an interest in palliative care (PC).

Download the report

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