Exciting news from Hospice Ethiopia director

It all began when UK doctor Zeb Mebratu was looking for hospice services in Ethiopia for her uncle Anghesom, who had been diagnosed with cancer of the bile duct and liver at the American Medical Center in Addis Adaba. She searched online and came across Hospice Ethiopia UK. She contacted the charity who linked the patient with Hospice Ethiopia in Addis Adaba, which is led by Ephrem Abathun.

After determining the needs of the Anghesom, Ephrem provided him with symptom management, end of life care, and supportive care to the family. This care included pain killers and other essential medicines free of charge. Ephrem remained in close contact with Dr Zeb and her family and they were pleased and grateful for his care and support. After controlling his symptoms, he was able to return home to Eritrea and died peacefully a week later surrounded by his family.

Zeb’s mother, Teblez had a favourite brother who sadly died many years ago of kidney failure. She had been saving money in the intervening years in order to do something in his memory. So impressed were the family at her brother in law’s care from Hospice Ethiopia that she has decided to donate her saved up fund of £50,000 to Hospice Ethiopia in memory of her brother.  After careful discussion with the family part of the donation has been allocated to the Comfort Fund which has been renamed the Tewolde Medhane fund in honour of Teblez’ brother. The rest of the donation will be allocated to a Building Fund which has been established to fund the construction of Hospice Ethiopia’s own premises in due course.

Ephrem and Sue thank Teblez and her family whole heartedly for the very generous donation.

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